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Written by: Rebecca Johnston
on 8th February 2016
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A few days ago a Twitter conversation erupted about our Manifesto, and not all the comments were positive.The Evermore Manifesto

For some people, it was ‘’too American’’, too ‘’gushy’’, and was full of ‘’happy clappy stuff.’’ Another even said it was “sinister” and contained “forced happiness!”

Our Manifesto was written to set out our stall, making it very clear what we stand for and believe in. It’s about doing what you love, enjoying good company and feeling good in your body and soul.

It’s our vision for how life for older people should be and stems from our own experiences of the care home world, both personal and professional.

While I know there are good operators out there, I still can’t shake the memory I have of the last time I visited Nanna Johnston in her care home and how depressed and unhappy she was, so love and meaning are not words I associate with her time there.

And that’s exactly the point.

We are creating the antithesis to the current offer for older people – homes where we would be happy to live, where our parents and grandparents would be happy too. And that type of place involves love, connection and joy.

Why is that gushy? And why would you want anything less for a loved one?

Let’s shake off the cynicism and unite behind a common mission to create spaces where everyone can live a life worth living.




Rebecca Johnston, Brand Guardian

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