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We create new ideas and collaborate with innovators from across the world to bring solutions to the UK that will help older people to live with companionship, meaning, and freedom.
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A proven model

The Evermore small household model is based on approaches from America, Australia and the Netherlands. Its flexible design has enabled us to reimagine intermediate and long-term care, working with NHS Trusts to improve the patient experience and tackle challenges like delayed discharges from hospital.

Here’s how the small household model works in a healthcare environment:

  • Swift discharge from hospital: Mulinellos can collect patients from hospital and take them home to an Evermore setting or a household model designed for the intermediate care system.
  • Recovery in a home-like environment: Allows patients to live as independently as possible so that they can be assessed in near-normal circumstances.
  • Holistic support: Provides rehabilitation and reablement alongside nourishment and companionship.
A proven model

Working closely with providers

As well as improving the patient experience, this approach increases capacity and delivers greater efficiencies for the healthcare system.

We also work with healthcare providers to develop change and culture programmes to support the introduction of the small household model.

To work with us, contact Evermore Founder Sara McKee.

Working closely with providers

The Evermore Manifesto

Somehow it got complicated to choose where and how you want to live when you’re older.

The Evermore Manifesto is our passionate commitment to changing the status quo.

Download Our Manifesto(PDF, 72.3k)

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