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Giving, helping each other and contributing all adds meaning and purpose to our lives. Being heard, listening and continuing to learn from each other. Laughing, crying, singing, making noise – being carefree, being known.
Sara McKee Sara McKee Founder

Stay happy

Do you want your mum, dad or older relative to live a happy life where they can keep doing the things they love with a safety net if they need it?

Do you want to feel confident they will feel safe, respected and loved?

Do you want them to live in a warm, family-home environment instead of an institution?

That’s Evermore.

Stay happy

Life in an Evermore community

We want every Evermore customer to enjoy fun, free and fulfilling lives.

Our mission is to help them feel good in their body and soul, every single day.

We don’t define our customers by their age or illness, and treat every person as an individual.

Life at Evermore is one full of conversation, great food and laughter.

Learn more about the first Evermore community in Wigan here.

More on Wigan...
Life in an Evermore community

The Evermore Manifesto

Somehow it got complicated to choose where and how you want to live when you’re older.

The Evermore Manifesto is our passionate commitment to changing the status quo.

Download Our Manifesto(PDF, 72.3k)

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