We’re champions for a happy later life. Where growing older is about doing what you love and feeling good.

We create new ideas and collaborate with innovators from across the world to bring solutions to the UK that will help older people to live with companionship, meaning, and freedom.

And we actively campaign to end ageism and the institutionalisation of older people.

We are thinkers, makers, and doers.

A new vision for later life

 Evermore communities

Evermore has designed a new model in retirement living for older people who are on their own and finding it increasingly difficult to cope without help.

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Who is behind Evermore?

Evermore was created by a team that is passionate about providing older people with a future to look forward to and enjoy.

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We love meeting people, sharing ideas and learning new things. If you’re the same and want to kick-start a revolution, get in touch today.

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News and Views

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Live Happy

Emile Zola's quote: Living your life out loud