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We believe in an ageless society where older people live fun, free and fulfilling lives at every stage. We’re all going to age, so we may as well enjoy it!
Sara McKee Sara McKee Founder

What is Evermore?

At Evermore, we co-create places where older people always have love and companionship, a safety net when they need it, and the ability to lead meaningful lives in the heart of their community.

Our households provide a small and homely environment for people who are typically on their own and finding it increasingly difficult to cope without help.

We are neither a retirement village or a care home, but a new way of living in later life where the individual dictates the rhythms of their day, deep relationships are formed with other customers and staff, and passions are pursued.

500,000 people over the age of 60 usually spend each day alone
9.9m people aged 75 and over by 2039
400,000 more homes for older people will be needed in less than 20 years

Home for Life

Evermore is a new lifestyle option for older people, providing a family environment and a focus on health and wellbeing.

Evermore residents live in small households of between 9 and 12 people where they share life and laughter. There is always someone to come home to.

Customers can either rent or own a one-bedroom apartment which has its own living area, kitchenette, separate bedroom and ensuite, plus a balcony.

Apartments open into a communal space with living area and hearth, open plan kitchen and large dining table. There’s also central courtyard spaces plus outdoor gardens.

An all-inclusive package covers all domestic, catering and personal care needs, plus customers can purchase top-up ‘care’ packages as required.

Unlike a traditional retirement village or care home, there is no need to move ever again. Even if customers require constant care, they can stay at Evermore for the remainder of their life.

Home for Life

The Evermore Lifestyle

We look after your mind, body and soul We look after your mind, body and soul
You decide the rhythm of the day You decide the rhythm of the day
There is always someone to come home to There is always someone to come home to
Homely and warm family environment Homely and warm family environment


At Evermore, we don’t hire care workers, activity coordinators, or housekeepers. We have Mulinellos.

Mulinellos are universal workers whose sole reason for being is to enable older people to live a happy and meaningful life.

The name means whirlwind in Italian and it perfectly describes their multifaceted role, which involves everything from cooking, to cleaning, managing the household budget, to providing personal support.

As well as looking after the practicalities of running a home, Mulinellos are advocates for Evermore customers and ensure other services, for example doctors and district nurses, can be called upon when necessary.

Mulinellos work as a team with the same level of accountability, unlike traditional environments where there is a top-down hierarchy.

And because our households are small, they have time to know every customer and develop a deep relationship and understanding of their needs.

Become Part Of The Tribe

The Evermore Manifesto

Somehow it got complicated to choose where and how you want to live when you’re older.

The Evermore Manifesto is our passionate commitment to changing the status quo.

Download Our Manifesto(PDF, 72.3k)
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