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Written by: Rebecca Johnston
on 26th October 2018
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One year ago we launched Bringing Pockets of Brilliance to Scale. It was our blueprint for tackling the UK’s health and social care challenges by investing in, and scaling up, successful tests of change.

In the 12 months since the launch, a lot has changed. And a lot hasn’t.

We’ve expanded our work from developing Evermore communities to helping other organisations change the way they design health and housing options for older people.

Our Wigan development may have been knocked on the head by unimaginative planners, but the small household prototype in Buccleuch Lodge, championed in our blueprint, has delivered huge benefits for staff and patients alike.

Our experience at Buccleuch Lodge has also prompted us to create The Big Table, a culture change programme that helps organisations to adapt the way they work from hierarchical and institutional to inclusive and participatory.

And we’re continuing to develop the social care cooperative model, which we’ve called Beehive.  The social care market needs to radically change if we’re going to have a sustainable workforce. And we need a sustainable workforce if the NHS’s vision for community care is going to be realised.

There’s been some challenges over the last 12 months, but we’ve not let blockers stop us. We’ve just pivoted, remaining true to our reason for being.

You see, we’re still a small company with a big heart on a massive mission.

And we are still committed to eradicating isolation and institutional regimes, helping people to live connected lives full of meaning and purpose.   We want everyone to live a life full of colour!

We’re exploring how we can do this with our health, housing and social care colleagues in Greater Manchester, but also looking beyond the public sector to see what difference we can make.

One thing is for sure: life is never dull at Evermore.



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