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Evermore is an intentional community for people over 80 who are on their own and finding it increasingly difficult to cope without help.
Evermore provides a household environment that encourages older people to live happy by giving them independence, personal choice and control.

Instead of being residents, older people living at Evermore are homeowners. They have the power to decide what each day holds and the financial security that comes with owning a home.

Older people at Evermore can choose to relax in their own apartment, watch TV in the open plan living area, have a cup of tea in the kitchen with family or enjoy a glass of wine with friends. They control their own lives, completely.

At meal-times, everyone can pitch in and food is enjoyed over a communal table where people exchange opinions and views while sharing their day. Just like a family there is conversation and companionship and people are never alone unless they choose to be. Even then, friendship and caring support is always close by.

And the staff at Evermore are an essential part of this family.

Known as Mulinellos, they are advocates responsible for nurturing the health, wellbeing and happiness of homeowners 24 hours a day. They bring compassion, combined with an outstanding service orientation, to create a warm and engaging environment.

Evermore harnesses the power of family and community connections. There is nothing like it in the UK.

Evermore is inspired by Dr Bill Thomas’s Green House Project revolutionising care in the US.

If you are interested in becoming an Evermore funding or development partner, contact us to learn more.

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