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Written by: Sara McKee
on 29th September 2015
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I’m on the train again headed for an action-packed two-days of meetings with really interesting people in London. Lots of walking in store, mainly because I love being a tourist and taking in all the fabulous architecture. And I also love sitting in a park in between meetings listening to nature and noise, recharging and enjoying the moment not worrying about what’s next.

As I left home, I picked up a book to read and it had a cheesy little inscription from Dr McKee so it was obviously the one to bring. We’ve always been avid readers but of entirely different subject matter. As an academic, he liked non-fiction and also political biographies – he described my fiction choices as ‘weird’.

Funnily enough I’ve started to read more non-fiction as it’s been capturing my attention. Most recently, Do No Harm by Dr Henry Marsh and Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande – lots of really human insight into complex challenges. I’ve always wanted to write a book but, as Bill has pointed out, it will have to wait while I design and build a business from scratch. It’s on my bucket to-do list with Becs so we’ll definitely get it done!

And what will it be about? Meaningful relationships.

I’ve been very lucky to have built some really strong friendships over my lifetime. The deepest of which was with The Doc. Classic times spent lolling on the sofa with Hector after one of The Doc’s amazing culinary feasts are amongst my treasured memories and ones that obviously meant most to him as he referenced them in his final letter. So whilst I miss him hugely (especially the food) I’m not lonely because I belong to a global tribe. Our great pal Tom is flying in from Australia this week to immerse himself in the Rugby World Cup. I’m taking The Doc’s place on the obligatory tour of Manchester pubs and Rusholme curry house this Friday. It’s a homage to their University days although I’ve not had the heart to tell Tom one of the ‘pubs’ is now a Sainsbury’s Local!

These deep-rooted connections transcend oceans because they’re built on deep knowledge and understanding of each other. Everyone remembers the guy with the Aussie twang who spoke so eloquently at The Doc’s funeral. Tom flew from Sydney for just four days (sonic screwdriver on hand) because his best mate was that important and he’s been like a big brother to me.

Becs and I have known and worked with each other for over 10-years now and she’s still not made it to 40! We’re separated by thousands of miles these days and connected through our joint purpose – determination to create something amazing and ability to challenge each other along the way. Together we’ve built the story of Evermore and encouraged other long-term friends to invest themselves in the journey. We’ve all given up the corporate world and the benefits that go with it to focus on our belief that we can make a real difference in a commercial way. And what progress we’ve made in the last three years.

That’s why I love spending time with Victoria, David and the gang each week and I’m getting really excited about seeing Becs in Perth in a couple of weeks followed by Tom & family in Sydney.

When The Doc left I realised there were no worldly goods or exotic experiences that could fill the void. It’s meaningful relationships and being part of our tribe that gives me purpose. The rest is just stuff.

If you want to escape the pressures of maintaining lifestyle and build a more meaningful life…talk to us.



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