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Written by: Sara McKee
on 18th July 2016
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If you’re the sort of person who never has bounced out of bed in the morning, particularly those early dark winter days, then you may choose to ignore my next few words.  However, if you have had a reasonably positive outlook throughout your life and then lost that ability you may have something in common with me.

For many years, I’d jump out of bed as soon as the alarm went off – often before 6am – to start my working day. I’d shower and dress in the other room so not to wake him indoors and then sneak in before I left to say goodbye. I never opened a curtain, fed the dog or had breakfast. I was always in a rush to take the day by storm!

In hindsight, I must have been a complete nightmare to live with.

And then Stephen died and everything changed. I needed to carry on with my job, but now I had to open the curtains, get the dog up and at least give him breakfast. For the first year I was on automatic pilot and then I hit a virtual brick wall and was diagnosed with depression and, shortly after, lost my job.  Depression means even if I had a shred of my former positive will power, I physically couldn’t move in the morning. I’d lost my husband, my work and my purpose. Bouncing out of bed was definitely not a possibility.

So how have I got my bounce back? 

It’s taken quite a long journey and I can put it down to a number of things that I’d like to share with you:

  • Taking time to reflect, recharge and be kind to myself
  • Having a constant, loyal companion who needs me – Hector, my hound
  • Having strong women in my life to disrupt, challenge, create & play with
  • Enjoying those little moments with family & friends
  • Growing my faith & sharing the strength that gives me
  • Building new propositions under the Evermore brand that address real needs
Danger Mouse and Penfold living a life full of danger and excitement

Danger Mouse and Penfold living a life full of danger and excitement.
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So whether you’re feeling isolated and alone in your own home or overwhelmed with the size of the challenge in your workplace, I know we can help you get your bounce back.  It’s the global Evermore Tribe that keeps me energised every day and it’s contagious.

I promise if you spend time with us it will be fun, spontaneous and perhaps a little exhausting – in a good way!

#LiveHappy with us.



Sara McKee

Evermore Founder and Director of Market Innovation

Follow Sara on Twitter @SaraMcKeeFRSA

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