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Company values are one of those things people love or hate, viewed by many as puffery dreamed up by a marketing people to make money.

But our values – Fun, Free, Fearless and Frank- define the way we behave, the decisions we make and the experience our customers can expect to have.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that they all start with F. We like to keep things simple at Evermore and decided that it would make the values easier to remember if they all started with the same letter. Besides, who doesn’t love alliteration!

The second thing you might notice is that they’re very 1different to the values normally associated with health and social care organisations – words like care, integrity, excellence are the norm.

But we march to the beat of our own drum and are committed to providing a different experience for older people than the current institutionalized model.

That means creating a company from scratch that not only looks different but most importantly acts and feels different too. That’s where the values come in.

So what do they all mean?


We love what we do, so much so we bounce out of bed in the morning looking 2forward to the day ahead. Why? Because every day is a good day, after all what could be better than helping other people ‘live happy’?


The world we operate in is governed by rules, and the way 3things ‘have always been done’.   But we’re free to make our own decisions and to show initiative, guided by our overwhelming desire to enable older people to ‘live their best life.’


We’re challenging the way society expects older people4 to live, and you have to be fearless to do so. It’s not easy going against the grain, but we ask all our team to have the courage to try new experiences, embrace new approaches, and to make things happen.


Somewhere, somehow, choosing where and how you want to live when you get 5older got complicated. It doesn’t have to be that way. We believe by speaking openly, honestly and  plainly will help simplify choices and make decisions easier for people.



If you LOVE working with people, are HAPPY to challenge the status quo and want to have FUN everyday, get in touch:

We’d love to meet you!


Sara McKee

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