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Written by: Rebecca Johnston
on 7th February 2014
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Sara McKee, Evermore Founder and Director of Market Innovation, responds to today’s (07.02.14) Inside Housing story on councils blocking retirement housing proposals because they are wary of placing more strain on social care budgets.

“The only way councils will be able to respond to the changing demands of their ageing population within their budget is by introducing new lifestyle models. The right type of housing will actually result in savings when compared to existing retirement options. Research has shown the Green House Project in the US, on which Evermore is modelled, created better health and wellbeing outcomes for Green House residents. This translated into in a hospital and care cost saving of between $USD 1300 and $USD 2300 per resident when compared to traditional nursing homes. It’s time for an innovative response to the needs of our older people and we need councils to be supportive and open to new approaches like Evermore.”

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