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Written by: Sara McKee
on 4th August 2014
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Time, good health, true connection, laughter, nature and space to breathe, that’s what you get when you visit Dr Bill Thomas and his family at Lake Cayuga in New York State.

Jamming in the kitchen at the Lake House, Lake Cayuga

Jamming in the kitchen at the Lakehouse, Lake Cayuga

Oh and let’s not forget my reintroduction to music with Bill, Nate and Jude playing at home and then Acid Blue Grass with the Horseflies in Ithaca Downtown.

After only four days in the company of their whole extended family, I feel energised and inspired to move Evermore to the next level.

I want to take our message Live Happy around the world and, judging by a recent final diary entry of a centenarian – “Just be happy. It’s a wonderful habit” – hits the right chord. It’s so simple and translatable into any tongue.

I’ve been very fortunate to meet the most open and welcoming people in my life and I hope they feel the same about their relationship with me. If we listen and help each other throughout life, we get so much back in my experience.

My great friend Val has welcomed me into her home and the chaotic life of her entrepreneurial boys and their lively dogs! They cook great food and I try to help them think differently and mind map the art of the possible in their careers. My guy, Stephen, always believed I was fearless and I carry that on now he’s been repositioned in my life. And that’s what I want to share with young, middle-aged and old alike.

It’s taken me a while to realise that I tend to be better at stuff I really enjoy doing with people I really love and respect. Corporate life was never the place for me to stretch my creativity and break new boundaries. With David keeping the strategic commercial focus and Bill sparring with me on the vision we’re unstoppable – especially when you add up the rest of the Evermore founding team who are truly awesome. We’ve come so far in two years, and that’s primarily because we have shared values and a belief that we can do anything we set our minds to.

We’re building a brand for all. We want everyone to contribute and feel part of the design process whatever their age or ability.

Bill and Sara at The Lakehouse

Bill and Sara at The Lakehouse

Family values are at the heart of what we’re about, just like being at Bill and Jude’s Lake House where I’m included as part of the family and expected to help myself to the cheese and wine!

Anyone who wants to Live Happy with the Evermore family can expect to be welcomed, involved and an integral part of the decision-making process. We’ll help each other to make Evermore communities the real way to live free, with fun, companionship and great nourishment. We’re not going to judge based on age (young or old) or mobility – we’re going to engage with everyone who wants to join in with us.

I know how powerful it is to be part of an extended family, especially when your life partner has had to go to another place. My immediate family (Hector, Ma and Pa) are my lifeblood, and so are the strong bonds with my Evermore clan, my international gang in Australia and the US and my church friends. Together we have a connectedness that’s hard to put into words. Oceans may separate us but our deep rooted relationships bind us together so we are unstoppable.

Let us share that with you wherever you may be today. Join our cause at Evermore and Live Happy.

Sara McKee
Evermore Founder & Director of Market Innovation

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