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Written by: Sara McKee
on 26th July 2019
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At Evermore, we’re fortunate to work with like-minded people across the world who introduce us to people doing different things in the health and wellbeing space.

Thanks to our good friend Tammy Marshall, we recently connected with Jackie LaColla, Director of Rehabilitation Services at the Beth Abraham Center in New York.

The Beth Abraham Centre is a 448-bed multi-storey nursing and rehabilitation center in the Bronx.  The center is home to both long-term and short-term residents, and the vast majority of residents’ expenses are covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

For short-term residents, the rehab team is driven to help short-term residents to return to full independence sooner. Therapy is offered six days a week including the likes of physical, occupational and speech therapy.

The occupational therapy (OT) centre has a full kitchen and bedroom. There’s also a fantastic zero gravity treadmill, which looks like it’s for astronauts but it’s actually for people who can’t bear their own weight.  You put on shorts which then inflate to keep you upright whilst you walk – genius!

Zero gravity treadmill

The physiotherapy gym is packed full of entertaining gadgets including the TV that you take home with you to continue rehab. There’s also a fabulous car where residents can practice getting in and out.  The physios and the OTs are geared to helping residents build practical skills and the car is just one example of this ethos.

Jackie showing us the practice car!

Jackie knows most patients by name, she has a friendly word and a touch for all of them and the staff are full of smiles. It’s like the Waltons as everyone shouts “Goodnight Jackie” as they pass by on their way out and she responds with “thank you for everything”. It feels genuine and heartfelt.

It’s fantastic to explore what other people are doing to help older people to regain their independence and there’s certainly some ideas that we’ll be taking home to the UK.

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