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Written by: Rebecca Johnston
on 30th July 2013
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Last week we asked a group of older people (between 75-85) if they’d spend some time with the Evermore team to discuss what they’d be looking for if they needed support in their old age.

Our guests were avid golfers, bridge players, and skiers; living active lives with no desire to ‘give up’ living. Their primary concerns centred on maintaining decent health, freedom from financial worries and being in good company with people they liked.

To be fair, they all admitted that they didn’t want to address the issue of being alone or in need of care. It’s too depressing to consider – they’ve got such a positive outlook on life and they’re determined to keep it! But they did recognise that sticking their head in the sand and ignoring the future was not exactly useful either.

One of our guests, Pat, has worked in the care sector during her career and hoped she never had to resort to a care home. She told us: “It’s too restrictive and regimented. I don’t want to be woken up for breakfast and have lunch delivered on a tray at midday. Where’s the life in that?”

Continuing to have a positive social aspect to life (not ‘activities’) is critical for our group. Making sure they decide when to get up in the morning, how, what and when they’d like to eat – in fact, all the usual stuff we take for granted when we’re well and living independently.

The current and future generations of 80-somethings won’t settle for institutions – they want the continued power of choice. As Duncan said: “I like the idea of the arrangement we have when we go skiing – big breakfast, out all day and then back for a meal, wine and good company, knowing our rooms have been made ready for a good night’s sleep before the next day’s activity.”

So that’s what we need to deliver at Evermore: good company, great food and fantastic hospitality – easy!

Now that’s what I call home, don’t you?

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