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Written by: Sara McKee
on 25th December 2018
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It’s the 7th Christmas that Hector and I have spent on our own since the Doc died. And I cooked lunch. Feeling quite proud of myself.

It’s the quality of my Tribe that gives me strength and purpose. Rebecca and Joanne are remarkable human beings. We’ve all faced big personal challenges over the last few years which has made us even stronger as a triumvirate. We know we’re there for each other, whatever the distance and whatever the challenge. And frankly, that’s huge!

Since I moved to Conwy, I’ve begun to realise how powerful community and fellowship really is. The local florist’s husband died this spring. She wanted to do something in his memory that would be positive.  So she collaborated with our church to host a Christmas tree festival throughout December. And all our local businesses provided a tree decorated to represent their trade. Donations were requested and over £2,000 was raised for our local hospice

Today has been joyful, singing carols and meeting friends who once again invited me to join them. It’s also been a time of reflection for Hector and me as we remember the great Christmas days of the past with master chef Dr McKee in the kitchen. For us, quiet moments are the best way to manage Christmas. Whatever you do, I hope it is right for you.

Happy Christmas.


Sara McKee, Evermore Founder

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