I reached the magnificent age of 50 in March….an age which previously might be deemed the time to slow down and contemplate retirement. Nowadays I might only be halfway through life, so there is plenty of time to hone all the skills and make the most of my opportunities.

I’ve had a fantastic working life so far with some great characters, mentors and inspirers across the years.  People who gave me chances that often felt beyond my capability and experience, which in turn enabled me to experiment and create new products, services and even make new markets. And that’s what we’re doing now at Evermore.Evermore team selfie

Not everyone in our Tribe is over 50. It’s probably 50:50 if you pardon the pun. We’ve all had
life experience and we all have the passion to do things differently. We all still think we’re 25 in our head: active, opinionated and disruptive. So we think why wouldn’t people in their 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s be like us too? And guess what, they still have desires and want to maintain their lifestyle and social circle.

Most consumer marketers seem to have lumped anyone over 50 into an “old age” bracket.  I could sit waiting for my Saga magazine to land on the doormat, surf the Internet for the latest designs in crimplene, and book myself in for a Demi-wave OR I could take on the second half of my life with gusto!

So that’s what Evermore is all about – a bunch of disruptive olderpreneurs determined to subvert perceptions of older age forever.

Join us if you have the energy to keep up!



Sara McKee, Evermore Founder and Market Innovation Director

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