A Cheshire business plans to bring joy and sparkle back to the lives of older people in the region with the launch of a new concierge and companionship service.

Evermore@Home was created by Cheshire entrepreneur Sara McKee as part of her mission to tackle the isolation, malnutrition, and hopelessness experienced by many older people. The service provides help with household chores from walking the dog to cleaning to shopping to making appointments, plus companionship like going to the theatre or simply cooking together.

“We all want independence, choice and control and that doesn’t change as you age. The current choices for older people who want to continue maintaining their lifestyle but might need a little help are grim. They are based on 15 minutes of care that nobody wants to buy,” said Sara McKee, Founder of Evermore@Home.

“Older people don’t want care, they want to continue enjoying happy and meaningful lives. We can free them from the household chores that are starting to become too much so they have the time to do what they love, or provide someone to talk to or just be with.”

The key difference with the Evermore@Home service is the staff called Mulinellos. Unlike home care workers, Mulinellos are comprehensively trained and receive ongoing coaching plus are paid above the living wage with a guaranteed 40-hour week.

Sara explains, “One of the big reasons the current offer is so grim is because the staff don’t have any stability or support. They’re overworked and constrained by paperwork and time. We’re the complete opposite – our Mulinellos are multi-skilled workers who have the confidence in their own abilities and are wholly focussed on the customer.”

Evermore@Home will initially be available in Cheshire before expanding to the rest of the North West. It is part of the Evermore family whose purpose is to co-create places where older people always have love and companionship, a safety net when they need, and the ability to lead meaningful lives in the heart of their community.


About Evermore@Home

Evermore@Home is a concierge and companionship service for older people who want to remain living in their own home. It will help free older people from the household chores that stops them from enjoying life, and also provide companionship for those who might be feeling lonely.

About Sara McKee

From launching airlines to turning a computer brand into a European phenomenon, north-west entrepreneur Sara McKee has demonstrated exceptional strategic nous and unbeatable commercial insight developing start-ups and major organisations for the last 25 years.

She’s now set her sights on ending ageism and transforming the lifestyle choices for older people globally. She’s created the Evermore brand as the antidote to the current institutionalised offer.