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Written by: Sara McKee
on 23rd March 2016
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January and February are not mine and Hector’s favourite months. It’s generally dark with short days and sad memories…so we always get a bounce back in our step when March hits. And then of course it’s my Birthday month – this year being the big 50 – so what’s not to like.

Known for my impulsive nature, I’ve been thinking about how 2016 can be a year of new beginnings. March is the time I usually start to attack the garden with gusto as the camellia and rhododendrons start to flower in earnest. And also attempt to tackle the garage and shed. I’m sure things multiply in the dark spaces over the winter.

This year, Spring has definitely taken hold in our household. Hector and I have lived in this house quite capably for the five-years since Stephen died…but we haven’t been able to move forward. We are now ready for that move…and move we are!

And what a whirlwind worthy of our very own Mulinellos.  I put my house on the market last Thursday, sold it at the weekend and succeeded in securing our new home at the same time. We’re off to the other side of town…downsizing to a cottage with a smaller garden and a lovely light open plan space.  And best of all, a converted outbuilding at the bottom of the garden which will be my new Evermore office.  Now we really have to be ruthless in our clear-out as all our stuff will simply not fit into the new space. And that’s all that it is – STUFF.

I always said I could live in a wigwam if Stephen and I were together. As that’s not a possibility anymore, then it’s important for Hector and me to create a new home of our own. Of course, there’s lots of things we’ll be taking that have fabulous memories attached. ButBounce ouf out of bed with Evermore@Home I will be giving most of our 60+ cookery books to charity!  And of course, Stephen is with me wherever I go.

So whatever you’re doing this Easter weekend…don’t hurt yourself overdoing the DIY…or feel the need to move house (unless you want to).  And don’t forget you can ask for help from Evermore@Home.

Kick back, reflect, go to Church, be mindful…do what makes you happy and don’t be afraid to make a few changes. CHANGE IS GOOD FOR YOU.

Happy Easter



Sara McKee, Founder and Market Innovation Director


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