A new name for a new standard in service.

Mulinellos are universal workers whose sole reason for being is to enable older people to live a happy and meaningful life.

The name means whirlwind in Italian and it perfectly describes their multifaceted role, which involves everything from cooking, to cleaning, managing the household budget, to providing personal support.

Our friendly Mulinellos

Our friendly Mulinellos

As well as looking after the practicalities of running a home, they are advocates for Evermore homeowners ensuring other services, for example doctors and district nurses, can be called upon when necessary.

Mulinellos work as a team with the same level of accountability, unlike traditional environments where there is a top-down hierarchy.

What this means is that Mulinellos have the time to get to know and develop relationships with the residents and Evermore@Home customers.

Right people, right skills, right attitude

Developing our Mulinellos starts with a deep understanding of what our customers need.  We know this includes maintaining their independence, being in control of the decisions that shape their lives and being part of a wonderful, warm community of friends.

This is why we will only hire people who share our vision for Evermore – a lifestyle choice where our customers can live happier, for longer. Mulinellos will arrive with this shared purpose as well as an attitude to serve, learn and grow. Everything else they will learn at Evermore, either through our Academy or in self-managed, self-coaching teams.

We will invest heavily in their skills, knowledge and learning capacity; the quality of our hospitality depends on us doing so.  It is a core part of our culture and this commitment to their personal growth will ensure they exceed customer expectations and personally provide as much of the hospitality and support as possible.

Where the needs of our customers exceed our in-house capabilities, such as in the provision of acute medical care, they will act as strong advocates and ensure our homeowners secure access to the most appropriate professionals.

In short, our Mulinellos will never stop learning and will continuously improve the quality of the services our customers expect, and more, for evermore.

Interested in joining Evermore?

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Mulinello.