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Written by: Sara McKee
on 16th March 2015
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I’ve just started reading a book by Professor Daniel Gilbert called “Stumbling on Happiness”. It seems to be quite appropriate as this week we celebrate #InternationalDayofHappiness. It’s a very engaging read; not a self-help book or a pitch on how to be happy, but a study on what Science has discovered about happiness.

Frankly, I love learning new stuff all the time. I’ve never read much about Psychology and yet I spend most of my life interacting with people – so perhaps it’s time for me to learn more about the science behind our behaviours.

It also links inextricably to our mission at Evermore – to enable people to live happier for longer in the heart of their community. We’re not fixated on buildings in terms of bricks and mortar. We are passionate about abolishing institutional environments. And we love collaborating with people who believe in doing things differently and are willing to take risks for that to happen. We want to develop places where growing older is about having choices, doing what you love and feeling good. Where you’re not defined by age or illness. Where you can #LiveHappy.

So as well as building our own Evermore Villages, we’re supporting enlightened independent providers who are passionate about delivering an outstanding customer experience. And through Evermore Academy and our service offer CheckPrimeRenew we enable businesses to improve colleague engagement & motivation and enhance their reputation in the local market.

After all, as you can see from our Manifesto, we’re starting a revolution in older age lifestyle. And that means both delivering services with our Mulinello teams in our Evermore settings as well as those of our partners.

Let’s celebrate #InternationalDayofHappiness this Friday and help us to help everyone #LiveHappy.

Sara McKee

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