Christmas is a fabulous time of year to get everyone together to celebrate.  Most importantly, it is an opportunity
to re-connect with family members, some of who may be living with dementia.

Here at Evermore, we’ve complied our top tips to help families make this festive season a most wonderful time of the year!

  1. Everyone can help with the preparations.
  • Whether it’s setting the table or singing a favourite Christmas carol, it helps people to feel involved rather than ignored.
  • Focus on what people can do rather than what they cannot.
  1. Family events are often noisy with a lot of people talking at once, which can be overwhelming.
  • If you have a family member living with dementia remember to keep checking they are comfortable, and provide a quiet room where they can take time out.
  • Christmas crackers can be startling, so warn people about the noise, take out the ‘bang’ or try alternatives.
  1. Christmas Day is not a test.
  • You are not being graded. This year’s so-called ‘disasters’ are next year’s anecdotes.
  • If some family members don’t remember what day of year it is, try not to keep correcting them as it may upset them and cause distress. Focus instead on everyone having fun together!
  1. Everyone will benefit from a little down time.
  • Don’t forget to plan some intervals through out the day so cast and audience alike can get ready for the next performance.
  1. Smiling is infectious
  2. Make new memories. Share old ones.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. #LiveHappy