On 2nd January I decided to plan key activities for 2015, starting with the all important holiday breaks, which I have now mapped. I find the Christmas/New Year period rather challenging since my husband died. It’ll be 4-years this February and whilst I’ve created a new normal for Hector and me, the Festive Season followed by the long dark month of January still fills me with dread.

That’s why it’s important for me to be intentional in my approach to life, to have a real purpose and share that with amazing people who allow me to continue to learn and grow. And the team behind Evermore are really special – experts in their field and a great challenge to me. Well we’re a tribe of FireStarters really with our cousins at Eden Alternative and Green House in the US. Our very special Brand Guardian (Western Australia’s finest) delivered the real zenith of the year, quite literally, with the arrival of baby Cara Grace aka “Frankie” (31st December) so our team continues to grow globally!

At Evermore, we’re on a mission to end loneliness for single older people and to develop places where reciprocity is the heartbeat of the community. Where those who care for others are truly valued and where everyone can contribute. Sounds a simple philosophy but it feels more like a revolution at the moment…one of the reasons we drafted our Manifesto last year

What I’d really like to ask for this month is that we all continue to engage and involve seniors (my 80-year old Father’s preferred term) throughout January. Rightly we have been encouraged to invite our neighbours to participate in our various Festive activities…. what now when it’s back to normal, back to work, school, university? Will we continue to reach out and include others in our lives?

Let’s try to give and to share ourselves with others throughout the year. Loneliness is a real killer and particularly hard to combat when days are short, the weather is dismal and darkness takes hold by teatime. Whether we can volunteer for The Silver Line  or simply drop in for a chat with an older person locally – remembering that many in care homes can be extremely lonely too – let’s invest in people and meaningful relationships this year. After all, it is really rewarding and you might just learn something new.

Happy New Year from the #FireStarters at Evermore.

Sara McKee