I don’t believe we’re destined to be solitary – there’s something very powerful about human relationships. Giving, helping each other and contributing all adds meaning and purpose to our lives. Being heard, listening and continuing to learn from each other. Laughing, crying, singing, making noise – being carefree, being known.

Happiness is loving and being loved back – from a child we feel that, it doesn’t fade.

For me it’s personal.

I’m fortunate to have loved deeply and been loved back in spades. We had total belief in each other and the power to overcome anything together. It’s a massive challenge being the survivor. I’ve had to find new purpose and meaning. I know I still have love to give, a desire to help people find happiness and the inner strength built over many years of our powerful partnership to make a difference.

I’ve had constant encouragement from those who know far more than me.  There is a definite need to change…so why not me?

From experience I know that the one left is often left behind. No more social life, joint friends disappear. Starting again is tough at any age and can be even more challenging when you’re alone for the first time in many years with no obvious outlets.

That’s why Evermore exists – an intentional community for older people to continue to live the life they want with a bit of support from our talented Mulinellos.  Evermore is about creating the place I want to be and inviting others to join in wherever they are.

Love and happiness must be the most compelling reasons to do anything – that’s my instinct, it’s what motivates me, and it’s why I believe Evermore is so powerful.

Sara McKee